This New Way To Use Humanizing Marketing Is Epic

Why should consumers trust your brand? A 2018 survey by PwC on Global Consumer Insights showed more than 33 percent of consumers named “brand trust” as one of the top three elements, apart from price, that influences their purchase decisions. The best way to win your consumer’s trust is to show your brand’s human side. Three ways to add a human touch to your brand see below a description of some ways to humanize marketing:

Showcase your brand’s BTS (Behind the Scenes)

Letting your consumers see what goes on in terms of the making of the product or the people that make it happen is a great way to humanize your marketing. You can put the people behind your brand in the spotlight by shooting some quality videos of their stories and sharing them on social media platforms or your website.

LUSH, a natural cosmetics brand engaged and drove empathy with ‘How It’s Made’, a video mini-series that showed the BTS of the brand, offering insights into people involved in making key products.

Leverage user-generated content

Airbnb is an example of how user-generated content in the form of amazing holiday experiences shared by users across the world helps humanize the brand. Encouraging your users to comment, share their stories, and provide reviews is a great way to add a human touch to your brand. Featuring the photo or reviews of your consumers makes them feel valued and shows other users that the brand is invested in nurturing great relationships with real-life people.

Tell compelling and genuine stories

Authentic stories whether success or failure are powerful ways of adding a human touch to your brand. Share real stories on the hardships, failures, and lessons learned to enable your customers to empathize and relate with you. As per psychological Science, studies indicate that shared pain could have positive social consequences and acts as a “social glue” to boost solidarity between groups.

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