Webinar?! What is this and if so, why?

Live online seminars have technically become interesting only with the more powerful Internet connections for the masses.

Virtual meeting rooms in which presenters and participants meet on the internet exist for some time now, eg Adobe Connect, but they were usually complicated, expensive, and usually had to be installed.

Weak Internet lines disrupted the transmission of streaming video or screen sharing and the planning of an online seminar, from the invitations to the reminder, was not even taken into account in this software. But now, there are sophisticated online solutions for the entire process around a webinar from planning to post-cover.

For example, edudip offers such a platform. Here, people who are willing to learn to find a wide range of exciting online seminars and recordings in the marketplace.

An application to an interesting webinar is easy and possible at any time, reminder e-mails come automatically and the presenter is pleased with the growing list of participants.

Downloadable documents and a forum for each event are used to communicate in advance and after an appointment.

Everyone who wants to teach a special topic or discuss a hobby can create webinars on edudip for free and meet like-minded interested people. Browse the current seminar program or start your own webinar on edudip.