Smart Insights about Mobile Marketing

With a lot of marketing options in this modern world, it is wise for marketers to choose the simplest and easily reachable option to have effective marketing. With a massive increase in usage of mobile devices, marketers have found the ideal marketing media which is available in people’s hands 24X7.

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is simply the process of communicating with a person for marketing purposes through mobile devices. Today marketers are trying to sort out strategies for marketing through mobile devices to reach people effectively.

Why mobile marketing?

➣ Have a look at a few statistics which suggest why this marketing method is so effective:

  • Mobile devices draw 40% of users total time spent on the internet;

  • 80% of the time spent by users on smartphones is on apps;

  • Increasing conversion rates on smartphones and tablets;

  • Mobile internet usage is all set to surpass desktop by the end of 2014;

Options for implementing marketing strategies through mobile devices:

A marketer can select options depending on his/her industry, a device in the audience's hands, and budget. Have a look at the various options available:

a.) Short Message Services:

Marketers use SMS quite effectively by tracking the phone numbers of potential customers and send them alert messages about their business. Marketers are getting a good response from SMS marketing as people read and respond to them.

b.) Mobile Internet:

With increasing, mobile internet usage marketers are optimizing their websites compatible with mobile devices. Also, they update their local listings to make sure of their visibility in search engines through mobile-friendly SEO techniques. Marketers gain business through the mobile internet as people often find out suitable companies through search engine results.

c.) Apps Based marketing:

Marketers create their own mobile apps for a unique and effective marketing campaign. They even make these apps available on the client’s device and thus ensuring targeted advertising, engagement with clients, and get payments directly through apps.

d.) In-Game marketing:

As gaming is one of the most important features in smartphones marketers make use of this opportunity by delivering ads or promotional messages while people play games. This ensures that the ads get noticed by potential customers and thus gain more business.

Benefits of Mobile Marketing:

Targeted marketing: Accurately reach the audience and potential customers.

Individualized approach: Establishes direct communication between a potential customer and marketer.

High Response Rates: The average response rate for this marketing method is more than 15%. This is greater than other electronic marketing methods.

Higher viral potential: As mobile content might be shared easily between users, this ensures higher viral potential.

Cost-Effective: The marketing contents such as apps, videos, and text could be created at a lower cost and promotion is not too expensive as well.

As mobile devices act as a “World in Hand” around the globe, mobile marketing is the most effective method to get noticed and gain the most of marketing.

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