Earn With BeRush — SEMrush's Affiliate Program

When it comes to sharing revenue with affiliates, BeRush leads the pack.

Let’s find out why:

As an affiliate, you get commissions by driving traffic to the website — SEMRush.com. As you might be aware SEMRush is an innovative competitive intelligence tool that helps marketers and bloggers find highly profitable keywords among other analyses that they can use to propel their digital campaigns.

Given the fact, this powerful tool sells itself, earning commissions by referring to it is a huge bonus for aspiring affiliates.

Coming back to the affiliate program, your website or social media visitor will have to click on the reference link and make a purchase - any of the subscriptions for you to get the commission.

The affiliate can promote any of the SEMrush plans (Business, Guru, and Pro) or any of the API units.

And, here’s the good news:

To enable you to reach the target, there are various promo materials in five languages, reporting, tracking, swift monthly payments, plus excellent customer care.

Affiliates get access to their own accounts and are given the freedom to login into their account at any time. Through this access, you can easily link and use banners. Also, you will be able to monitor your link’s success - the number of visits, sales signups, rebills, and see your balance of past and present successful transactions.

How to Qualify?

Many websites - with content of any kind can sign up for this affiliate program except the coupon promoting, adult, and gambling websites. This means that sites with adult language, violence, pornography, hate speech, discounts/bargains, defamatory content, and links to websites that support the mentioned content are barred. Other limitations are spamming, fraud, and any other exploitative practices.

If you are 18 years and above and have an active website, you qualify to join the affiliate program. You could also be anywhere around the world. With multiple websites, you can still sign up with all of them with only one account.

Some affiliates do not have websites but don’t worry it is easy to join the bandwagon without a site.

This is possible through sign-ups via social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Signing up with BeRush is free and the procedure will take just a few minutes to complete.

Earnings and Limitations

With every new SEMrush subscription, you will earn a 40 percent commission when customers get to purchase via your referral link. These commissions are recurring meaning that you will get a continuous 40 percent until they cease subscription payments. This is only applicable to the new users you refer to.

Remember that you cannot earn from your own purchases. Any attempts to earn 40 percent for yourself via a reference link on your site will lead to a permanent closure of your account. As a result, you will not get any commissions whatsoever.

Get Payments

Once your amount reaches a minimum of 50 dollars, you can start receiving your commissions. BeRush makes payments every 10th and 25th of the month. If these dates fall on holidays and weekends, there might be slight alterations. Expect your commission through Wire Transfer or PayPal when the date is due.

You will be required to provide your information (account number, name, type, routing, and the bank name plus where it is located in the 'payment settings' section).

So join the affiliate program at BeRush.com now and start earning!