Competitive Intelligence 2.0 Toolkit by SEMrush for Digital Marketing Professionals

Did you know? -  According to Forbes, “There are almost 28 million small businesses in the US and over 22 million are self-employed with no additional payroll or employees.

Yes, most of the businesses are trying to engage in a career, where manual labor is destined to depart. With all tasting the goodness of education, we all look forward to making a lot of money with the internet with less manual labor.

So, what does this data have to do with digital marketing?

Gone are the days, when you could ignore the internet. If you want to achieve success for your business and stay a step ahead of your competitors, then it is vital, that your business follows a strong digital marketing plan in place. This approach should make use of the power of social media, follow the best practices in SEO to drive in relevant traffic, and apply the latest media marketing tools. 

You will have to deal with a variety of tools to conquer the first page of Google!

The first page of Google usually has 3-4 paid Ads along with 6-7 organic results. Most studies predict that the maximum sale was generated from what goes into the first page!

If you are intelligent about how you pick the right keywords and build the best backlinks for your website, you can eventually generate the maximum business and traffic with the help of the internet. For this, you will require an analytical outlook, and an expert team or a highly efficient tool that will help you take the right steps to grab a place on the first page of Google.

In this article, we will be discussion on the the best tool that you can use to achieve success –The Competitive Intelligence 2.0 Toolkit by SEMrush!

SEMrush has recently promoted its Competitive Intelligence 2.0 toolkit. This product is powered by big data technologies and machine learning algorithms. This has the ability to receive the entire marketing insights in every area of the competitors' digital marketing strategy. Including - SEO, Paid Advertising, SEM, Social Media Management Content, and Backlinks.

The Competitive Intelligence 2.0 of SEMrush is customized to meet the requirements of the business development managers, affiliate managers, and sales teams to gauge the potential of new associates and prospective clients and the probability in a new market.

In this article, you’ll get to know on SEMrush’s Competitive Intelligence 2.0 Toolkit and learn the best ways in which you can obtain the best data to do better than your competitors in the Organic and Paid SERP results.

 Assess your Top Competitors’ Traffic - the SEMrush Traffic Analytics Tool –

You can evaluate your competitors’ overall traffic, the number of unique visitors, the sources where the traffic comes from, the bounce rate, and the traffic ranks.  To start using the Traffic Analytics tool, you just have to enter your top competitor’s domain in the search bar and click on the search bar, and then hit ‘Search.’

We’ve selected ‘Search Engine Land’ as the target website, and highlighted a few factors to help you understand.

With the help of the Traffic Sources tab, you can know if the direct, referral, search, social, or paid is generating traffic.

And with the help of the Geo Distribution tab, you can get to view the list of countries where your competitor’s traffic comes from.

When you are equipped with this information, taken from SEMrush’s Traffic Analytics reports, you will know where the traffic is flowing in for your competitors, and how are they targeting the audience.

  The SEMrush Organic Research Tool helps you to overtake the Competitors

With the help of the SEMrush Organic Research Tool, you can get a quick glimpse of the organic search visibility of your competitor’s website. To make use of this tool, you have to enter the competitor’s domain in the search bar and choose ‘Organic Research’ from the drop-down menu and click on ‘Search’. SEMrush will generate an organic research report of your competitor and present it for your view.

The ‘Overview’ tab will give you a glimpse on –

  1. Keywords – the targeted keywords with the organic positions in Google’s top 100.

  2. Traffic – The forecasted monthly traffic, the keywords are expected to generate

  3. TrafficCost – The projected price of the organic keywords in Google Ads

  4. BrandedTraffic – The number of traffic that originates from keywords that include the domain’s brand name.

  5. Non-BrandedTraffic – The number of traffic that emanates from the non-branded keywords.

You can know your competitor’s top-performing organic keywords, their position in the SERP results, and the traffic these organic keywords - with the help of the Positions tab. This information is gathered from the reports of SEMrush’s Organic Research, which can help you concentrate on the most important keywords that you must focus on while creating new content, and classify the least important keywords, with the help of your competitor’s reports.

-> The Brand Monitoring Tool helps Track the Online Mentions of Your Competitors

Track the online mentions of any keywords associated with your competitor’s brand name, or any phrase that is closely associated with them. To make the fullest use of this tool, choose ‘Brand Monitoring’ from the SEMrush dashboard and then hit ‘Set up’. Simply enter the competitor’s brand, products, or services, choose the country, and turn on the weekly email updates and click on ‘Start Tracking.’ This is a great way to find new link building opportunities.

 ➣ Find out your Competitor’s Back Link details with the Backlink Analytics Tool

You can have a complete view of your competitors’ backlink profiles; you can even get to know their latest and failed backlinks. You can make full use of the tool by simply entering the competitor’s domain in the search bar and choose ‘Backlinks ’from the drop-down menu.

When you tap on the Overview tab, you will get the entire backlink profile of the competitor domain – the details of referring domains, the list of backlinks, referring IPs, and the Domain ‘Authority Score’.

 ➣ Examine Your Competitors’ Social Media Presence with The Social Media Tracker tool

The Social Media Tracker tool lets you track your competitors’ social media activities on Social Media. With the help of this tool, you can do the following -

— Identify what type of content your competitors are posting on social media and how often they post.

— Understand which post worked best on the specific social channel.

— Find out, what type of interests your competitors target.

You can include up to 20 competitors in the Social Media Tracker. To get started, you just have to connect one of your existing projects in SEMrush and then connect the social media accounts. After that, enter your competitor domains. You can click on the ‘Start Social Media Tracker’ and wait for results. With the help of the Overview tab, you can find which social network is bringing in the most followers for your competitor and the best viral content. Similarly, you have the ‘Facebook’ tab, which reveals your top-performing posts, engagement rate, and other useful data. Correspondingly, the Twitter tab will exhibit the competitor’s top-performing tweets, together with details of engagement rate, likes, retweets, replies, etc.

All this report will help to design the social media strategy for your business customized to meet the requirements of your target audience.

 ➣ Measure up your website performance with your top organic competitors

SEMrush allows you to easily compare yourself with the dominant players in your industry. To do this, you just have to use either:

I. The Organic Research Tool helps to compare your website with your top organic competitors. You just have the key in your domain address and then choose Domain Analytics followed by, Organic Research -> and then click on Competitors and identify your strong organic competitors, also look out for the top-performing pages and keywords of the competitors.

II. In the same way, you can make use of the Advertising Research Tool and compare your website with your top paid competitors. Simply key in your domain Address and choose Domain Analytics, after that click on Advertising Research followed by a click on the Competitors, and look for the important paid search competitors. You can also take a glimpse of their ad copies too.

 ➣ Find out the Backlink opportunities with the Backlink Gap Tool

The Backlink Gap Tool will allow you to identify untapped link-building opportunities and offers a sneak-peek of the backlink profiles of up to five competitors. You need to acquire Authoritative backlinks to outsmart your organic competitors. With the help of SEMrush’s Backlink Gap tool, you can stand a step ahead of your competitors.

SEMrush’s Competitive Intelligence 2.0 Toolkit is indeed a goldmine of crucial data for your business, which can help craft a successful marketing strategy that will yield you more traffic and ROI.