Awario Review: Why it’s an Essential Social Media Monitoring Tool

Recently I’ve been testing different social media monitoring tools to reach out to more people in social media and manage my online reputation better. I’ve been experimenting with Awario, and I can say I’m really impressed. Check out the short overview that I wrote about this social media monitoring tool.  

Quick overview

Basically, Awario is an online dashboard that lets you track mentions from social media and the Web-based on the keywords you set. In a single workspace, you get the feed of relevant conversations, statistics on the types of mentions, reach, and influencers:

Here’s the full list of sources they pull mentions from:

  • Twitter

  • Facebook

  • Google Plus

  • Instagram

  • YouTube

  • News/Blogs

  • Web

News/blog and Web mentions are something that makes Awario a standout compared to other tools. You’d normally expect a social media monitoring tool to get mentions from social media only, but Awario gets additional diverse results from review platforms, forums, blogs, Q&A, and news sites.

Below’s an example, featuring results from The Guardian, CNET, TripAdvisor, and more:

You can respond to the mentions right in the interface. If it’s a website link, you can click on it, and it will show you the result in the right-side dashboard of the interface. And you can respond if it’s a comment on a blog.

How to set an alert

To get started, enter the keywords you’d like to monitor. This could be your own name, a brand name, a competitor, a hashtag – anything you’d like to get mentions of. Additionally, you can specify your website. If you do this, Awario will find links, which point to this URL. It means the tool can help you with your SEO as well.

You can also add negative keywords, and Awario will not add mentions, containing these terms, to your alert.

You can also specify the language you’d like to find mentions in or the country you want your mentions to be coming from. This is especially useful for a local business or brands with common names.

Additionally, you can blacklist certain websites or social media users if you don’t want mentions from these resources to be added to your alert. Know spammers in your space? They go right here. It’s also a good idea to block your own social media channels so that you don’t see your own social media posts in your feed.

Go on to specify the sources and the date range for the mentions: 7 days, 30 days, 6 months, 1 year, all time, or custom.

Lastly, you set how often you want to receive your email notifications: daily, weekly, or never.

My favorite Awario features: Boolean search, Sorting by Reach, and Sentiment Analysis

Boolean search

Boolean search is all about refining your searches to get better mentions. This is where the power of the Awario platform is.

Boolean vocabulary might seem intimidating at first, but basically, it’s all about thinking of different combinations of wording people may use when they’re looking for services or products like yours.

Here’s an example.

Let’s say you have a rental property in Hawaii, and you’d like to find people, looking for local holiday accommodations. In other words, you want to do some social selling with Awario and find clients directly. You assume that your prospects might type in something similar to “looking for holiday rentals in Hawaii,” but not necessarily as an exact match phrase. With Boolean search, you can set looking for all the words you’ve just specified as a phrase as long as they’re 5 words from each other. You achieve that with the “near/5” operator. You can also think of different ways people may phrase the same thoughts when they’re looking for a rental like yours, for instance, “recommend a holiday rental in Hawaii.” “Or” operator will be used to separate the two different phrases you’re looking for:

Sorting by Reach

Awario finds really lots of mentions, and it takes some time to refine your alert settings to get only highly-relevant ones. A quick and easy way to get the important ones first is to sort them by Reach:

Sentiment Analysis

Awario has a sentiment meter, i.e. it’s trying to say if a mention is a positive, a negative, or a neutral one.

This should be particularly valuable for social media professionals, working with vulnerable brands, so that they could spot a reputation crisis early and take action.

Social media reports
In the Reports section, you can get Mention Statistics, Alert Comparison, and details on the Influencers in your space.

Mention Statistics is a general overview of the number of mentions, their sentiment, Reach, and most active accounts on various social networks. You can select the specific sources you want your report to show and adjust the date range.

The second report, Alert Comparison, lets you compare up to 3 alerts against several metrics, such as the number of mentions, their Reach, the counties they come from, and the Sentiment. This is especially useful if you’re comparing your own brand to your competitor.

Finally, there’s an Influencer report. It shows you people and websites, who mentioned you, your brand, or the keywords you’ve specified in your project. You can switch between different sources to see influencers from Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, news and blogs, or the entire Web. You can choose to display the influencers by the number of followers, the number of mentions, or Reach.

For all the Awario reports, you can adjust the date range and export your report so you can share it with your colleagues or clients.

Final words

I’ve tested a lot of social media tools over the years at different price points, and I know for a fact Awario has become an essential part of my marketing toolbox.

Awario is easy to use, effective and has the features I need to reach out to more people on social media and manage my online reputation better.

And I especially like that the app is new, the team is passionate about its development, and we're likely to see more great features added soon.

Awario is a perfect option for businesses and agencies alike. To get started, sign up for Awario free trial. It’ll give you 14-day access to the Awario Starter plan, which you can then extend depending on your needs.