4 Distinct Ways Jetpack Takes an Already Good WordPress Site and Makes it Amazing!

One of the most powerful WordPress compatible plugins business owners can add to their blog is Jetpack. It’s the ideal tool for taking a self-hosted WordPress site and connecting it to the main WordPress infrastructure.

There are several different ways Jetpack improves WordPress, making it better for the business owners that use the web hosting software and the customers that visit their business websites.

Shorten Photo Load Times

Images are an important aspect of a business website. They help highlight key points, direct visitors’ eyes, and increase interest in the page. When images don’t consistently load faster the site’s SEO takes a hit and many virtual visitors grow disinterested and move to a different website. Jetpack’s Photon feature decreases the amount of time it takes for the Content Delivery Network to load.

Instant Traffic Stats

Businesses can’t afford to ignore their website’s traffic stats. Knowing the exact number of visitors the website gets and which pages are visited is the best way to determine which aspects of the website and growth-driven design work and which need to improve. The traffic stats add-in with Jetpack displays up-to-date traffic stats on WordPress’s dashboard. Information about different days and times of the day is easily found.

Instantly and Automatically Share Content

Sharing content on social networking sites has never been more important. It’s how members of your target market know that it’s time to visit a particular website. The problem is that sharing links can be time-consuming and sometimes it doesn’t get shared on some sites. Jetpack’s Publish feature ensures all content appears on the connected social media accounts. Jetpack automates the entire process.

Not only can WordPress users use Jetpack to automate the content sharing process, but the plug-in’s Related Post feature also ensures that interested visitors won’t have any trouble finding similar points of interest featured on the business website.

Stop Worrying about Attacks

One of the biggest concerns business owners have with regards to using WordPress is the threat of brute attacks. Studies indicate that WordPress sites are at a 25% higher risk of being attacked. Jetpack lowers the risk. The Protect feature does a great job of not only identifying malicious attacks but also creating a stronger defensive perimeter. In addition to monitoring malicious attacks, the Protect feature also monitors failed logins which can indicate an attempt to attack the website.

Installing the Jetpack plug-in on their WordPress website is a huge time saver for businesses. The time they can invest in other marketing projects.